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The One Percent June 27 2016

As I write this, I have been on chemo for almost a full week.
My cancer is an aggressive type, so the doctors moved from diagnosis to chemo in 8 days. That was an incredibly busy, stressful 8 days. It involved a lot of needles, lying in claustrophobia-inducing machines, and a small surgery to make me IV-compatible. (And somewhere in there, I got a haircut.) So the next few comics will just be filling in the gap between diagnosis and now.
I've always dealt with life via comics.
I considered taking down Tuppence because 1) It'll always be the comic about cancer from now on, 2) It probably won't make people laugh much and 3) I don't want to make people sad.
But... the reasons to keep going are good ones.
1) You can't stay sad and full of self-pity forever, though it is a little tempting, and 2) the more people know about a disease, the more it gets researched and funded, and then people are healthier because of it.
The third reason being-- this is how I express myself. This is my voice.
Well, my life is going to be different from now on, but good or bad or bittersweet, I'm going to draw about it.
Also HOLY CRAP what a different perspective you get on life when YOUR MORTALITY SMACKS YOU IN THE FACE. It's kind of awesome. All my old worries are GONE. And if I can deal with this, I can deal with ANYTHING. Probably.
Well, I'll save some philosophical meanderings for future comics and leave this where it is.