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That's Flocked Up

That's Flocked Up December 03 2016

Well, I just renewed Tuppence for another year. Prepare for an onslaught of comics as I enter "Holy crap I paid for it, it's official, I need to draw a new Tuppence every day" mode. Except I also just entered "Working on old projects that I've been putting off because of cancer" mode, so they still might not be daily.

It's now 2 weeks after surgery. Mom and I go for a walk daily even though the weather's getting colder. Sometimes I take off my hat to vent from the hot flashes... I make a great hand warmer. You could boil a pot of tea on my head when I hot flash. Yay for early menopause... I'M AN OLD LADY. LOOK I EVEN HAD AN OLD LADY CANDY IN MY PURSE IT'S BEGUN
ol' lady candy