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Potatovore August 06 2016

Get up. Eat a food. Shower. Jammies. Internet.
Nap. And maybe do a comic.
(Insert potato porn joke here.)
So today is day 5 of my third cycle of chemo and I am surprised I'm awake right now. I slept almost all day yesterday. Day 5 is the hardest day for me, but except for feeling weak, it hasn't been as bad as it was the first two cycles. Haven't had a big problem with nausea, which is awesome. I've even been HUNGRY. Mostly for potatoes and noodles. I can't wait til my taste buds come back. Ooh, I think there's a new episode of Food Wars! coming out today... YES THERE IS
This is the first time in my life I've felt justified for watching anime all day and I am going to do just that.
I ought to record myself on day 3 sometime. It's ridiculous. I get "tipsy".