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Not Sure What To Call This

Not Sure What To Call This August 15 2017

You know what? I had some really funny comics lined up for this week. I was really excited to pick the best one, draw it, and make everyone laugh. I mean, we could use a laugh, right?
But sometimes I start drawing one panel of whatever comes to mind, and then the rest of the comic just opens up and I wind up drawing something like this and I MIGHT AS WELL share it, because if I don't it will just sit on my hard drive until my computer dies.
And I'm sorry, because this is not what I wanted Tuppence to be. I wanted it to be a smiling comic, an escapist comic. I wanted to draw to make myself feel better about everything.
But bad things keep happening and I have to write about them or else I will explode.
These characters are sometimes the only outlet I have.
Besides this horribleness, right now, I'm supposed to be on a new cancer-preventing medicine. But it's prohibitively expensive, and at this moment a dozen pharmacies are literally BIDDING on who gets to sell it to my insurance company. I was supposed to have it two weeks ago. I never experienced such a delay in getting my medicine before. My chemo was expensive too, but it was never LATE.