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My Head Is Cold Now

My Head Is Cold Now July 11 2016

I'm laughing about it now, but losing *that* much hair at once was THE most sickening thing I've ever experienced. (So I've been pretty lucky as far as traumatizing events go.)
It wasn't caused so much by the fact that I was going to be bald, but seeing and feeling all the hair. It felt like I'd swallowed some, even though I hadn't.
My conscious mind was dealing with it, but something deep down in my subconscious was screaming. There is something inherently, instinctually disturbing about it.
Why is losing your hair so traumatizing? That's a question I'd like to ask SciShow. They probably don't know either, but they'd at least make "I don't know" sound smart.
Anyway, I'm over it now. .3. phew