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Minimum Viable Product January 31 2015

I just, I have, I want, but there's, bluh.
A brief history of Faith's experience with video game making:
I've made two (finished) games in adventure game studio. (Short ones. You could beat both in under 3 minutes if you know what you're doing.) One was for my nephews (sorry li'l buddies, your aunt is never gonna get around to making that sequel) and the other was for a high school Spanish class so I wouldn't have to, you know, interact with people. I literally made it while shut in a closet. They both took about two weeks and if you're lucky, I'll never put them online.
I made a 2D platformer for an intro class, Isabella, which I did sadly put online. (It's... very much an intro class sort of game. Got a good grade on it for originality, but the only reason it semi-works is because I coerced my teacher into helping me program it 90% of the time)
I've gotten better at programming and sprite-making thanks to classes and experience (my 3D talents are limited to Minecraft-like block people) but I've yet to start another project by myself. I keep putting it off because... things.