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Let It Shine

Let It Shine August 18 2016

Sometimes I leave the house without a scarf on, to take out the trash or something, and I forget I'm bald, and wonder why people are staring. RUDE
I wish I'd felt like drawing more comics than I did this month. But it was a tough third chemo. I made myself sicker than I needed to be because I ate a piece of cheese that tore up my stomach. Then I had a three-day-long anxiety attack. Anxiety makes the side effects way worse than they have to be.
If what I have wasn't called cancer, I wouldn't be so anxious about it. Let's call it tata owies from now on.
Well, four more days until I have to go GET SICK AGAIN. At least there are only three more chemos to go through.
People keep telling me things like, "You are so strong. I could never do what you're doing." Yeah, they could. You could. People adapt. And I'm not strong all the time. I've had plenty of breakdowns.
Trust me, it takes all of my willpower sometimes not to go break every dish in the kitchen.