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Halloweenies October 19 2016

My fiance is going as Data... it's going to be awesome.
The chemo's almost all out of my system. (The 3-week point will be the 24th. After that my hair will start growing again. I'm crossing my fingers that it comes back curly.) I've been really sleepy, but otherwise I'm in good shape. I'm just grateful I'm not super sick anymore. Whew. 6 cycles of chemo, man. Not the funnest five months of my life.
Tomorrow I have my second MRI, and on November 1st I'll be talking to the surgeon about a double mastectomy. I am a little nervous, as anyone would be, but I'm not in panic mode like I was on my third or fourth chemo. I'm looking forward to getting these friggin' weights/time-bombs off my chest.
Sometimes I get a little worried about how people will see me. But then I remember that I get to live, so screw them. Excuse me, not screw them. Educate them.
When I was fourteen I found a lump in the shower. I freaked out, but it went away in a day or two. After that I was terrified of getting breast cancer. I started playing around with the idea of a story about a girl who had only one breast, and wore a bulletproof falsie. -.-