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Dese Abs August 07 2017

They're in there somewhere... hiding JUST behind my month-long plank challenge... and also behind a couple of cupcakes... >_>;;
P.S. I'm furiously scribbling a Breath of the Wild fancomic, A New Calamity. Go check it out if you're into Zelda stuff. I make new pages as often as I can-- which is almost every day.
*inhale* *self-promo voice*
Aaaand if you're enjoying the work I do, you can support me on Patreon. Patreon is a monthly subscription service where you can pay me THE AMOUNT YOU THINK I DESERVE each month (lol actually 1-5 bucks is fine) and in exchange you get rewards like hand-drawn illustrations and sneak-peeks-every-week of my sketches and behind the scenes work.
I'm driven by an internal combustion engine of passion, so I'm gonna keep doing what I do ANY OLD WAY, but any amount donated helps me pay for groceries, rent, lymphedema sleeves, etc., and keeps my student loan company from launching drone attacks on my apartment. :)