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Character Intros 2

Character Intros 2 January 10 2015

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Actually, poor Fel used to be taller, with her ears on the top of her head. And then I read Chobits.
"Fel" is short for Felicity. She's a typically happy child.
Not always logical or even correct in most life situations, but when it comes to inspiration, the muse is always right.
You're never supposed to get angry in front of the muse, which is why I gave Fel that role. She's good at defusing situations with adorability.
She's my earliest cat character, and I made her up when I was eight-- come to think of it, I really wanted a pet kitten at the time. Her story involved leading Penny (introducing her soon) across a desert to get to her godmother's house. Tifen was eventually written in as a distant cousin, then became her adopted older sister. The world they lived in was called Terrella (Latin for 'little Earth'; thank you, fifth grade science textbook).
In my journal comics, Terrella was a planet somewhere beyond Pluto, with renaissance-era technology mixed with magic-- they could pick up Earth's television signals (somehow). Terrella-dwellers crossed over to Earth through magic portals once in a while, to buy junk food and go to the movies.
Tifen flips burgers and does hair for a living and Fel goes to school.