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Character Intros 1

Character Intros 1 January 10 2015

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Most of my comics consist of myself (hi, I'm Faith), Tifen (the poofy-headed one) and Fel (her little sister).
Tifen is my inner critic when she's drunk, but very helpful and logical when sober. She started as a character I sketched for a friend online when I was 13 (I'm 23 now). She started as a clumsy thief character. She still does a lot of stealing. Cars, mostly. Boyfriends' cars. She has about five boyfriends at once. She can speak Spanish, but... only about as well as I can. (Hm. Wonder why that is.)
Generally there are six main characters (I'll introduce the rest as we go), a changeable "guest" seventh character, and lots of NPC's. I mean, extras.