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Bwains July 02 2016

I love anatomy. But... well, I appreciate that not everyone enjoys it as much as I do. Still, I will subject you to an image of the INSIDE OF MY HEAD. You're welcome.
I asked for a cd, and the MRI guys gave me one. So now I have footage of my body, in slices, from head to mid-thigh. SO COOL. (I wish they'd have given me a full body shot, but they left it out. Sadness...)
Because of the MRI, I've gained a better understanding of my body. I know what my heart looks like, and where it lies. I can see the strength in my arms and legs. The MRI also helped me to visualize the cancer shrinking.
The cancer itself showed up really well on the MRI, manifested in my left breast and the lymph nodes in my left armpit and beneath my pectoral muscle. The contrast agent they injected me with made it glow like a solar fire. (It also made my bladder glow like a fireball as it tried to get rid of the contrast agent asap. x'3)
The MRI gave me some good news-- my organs were untouched.
So what did the cancer actually look like? (I say did because the tumor's visibly shrunk now. The MRI took place a few days before chemo started, and it's been 11 days since then.) Scrolling through the footage, it looks the way it felt, like 3 balls, about the size of big marbles, and one tube-shaped mass-- the stupid bugger that caused so much delay by showing up on the ultrasound looking like a cyst with a dark shadow. Mr. 98% Chance of Not Being Cancer. T__T