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Adventures Part 1

Adventures Part 1 November 24 2016

My painlessness is probably due to the On-q pack which delivered numbing medicine near the surgical site, until yesterday (the 23rd) (I'm still not in pain). I'll go more into that in the next comic. I don't feel like going into detail about the drains, so I'll just say this: They're scary, and weird, but not painful. I get them taken out in 4 days, anyway.
I'll be honest, so far I've had period cramps worse than this. To anyone who is reading this because they're going to have a mastectomy without reconstruction: It's weird, and stressful, even if you're glad to have your breasts removed. But it's not very painful. If you're in pain, they'll give you something for it so you can rest and heal up. You're going to be okay.
A little explanation on the reveal panel: I sort of have tiny breast mounds now? Granted, 12 pounds of boob are gone. (I weighed myself before and after surgery. I was 170 pounds before surgery, 158 after. I TOLD YOU MY BACK HURT)
I don't know why there is still enough tissue left to look breast-like. I was expecting to be completely flat. Not that I'm unhappy with the results. I'm just glad to have that cancerous weight off my chest at last. I feel so light now. When I'm all better I'm going to be jumping around like a pixie. (I guess I can't be completely flat because when I start running again I'll lose some of that fatty tissue.)
Today I am feeling excited to be with my family. I'm happy to be here.