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Thanks For Reading Tuppence

Thanks For Reading Tuppence June 08 2019

I keep seeing my online friends going to conventions and I’m jealous! I’ve never done one, but I hope I get to eventually.

Tuppence (this site you're on now!) was my slice of life comic that ran from January 2015 to November 2017. It focused around my characters Fel, Casso and Tifen. Hit the navigation buttons below to read it from the beginning or check out the archives.

Tuppence was a challenge to myself to draw one page a day, usually without sketching. It was fantastic practice for A New Calamity. I've gotten a few requests to continue it, but I think it's served its purpose.

Casso: Maybe we should’ve spent more on the banner.

Fel: What, are you kidding? That thing took me forty minutes to print.

Tifen: Hey! Those business cards weren’t free you know!